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Facts and Myths About Boarding Schools

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Every parent decides whether or not to send their children to boarding school. Boarding schools have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which may make this choice tough for a parent. Let us dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding boarding school.

Boarding School Facts and Myths
Myth: They are seen as formal and rigid.

Fact: Each school has its own set of rules and regulations that students must follow in order to develop discipline and monitor their routine, which will benefit them in the long term. They are expected to adhere to a minimal degree of formality, such as wearing the same uniform every day or eating with their peers every day for meals.

Myth: Parents send their children to boarding schools as a kind of punishment or because they are too busy to care for them.

Fact: Parents do not send their children to school because they are unhappy at home or because they are punishing their children. As a result, parents choose a disciplined lifestyle and superior education for their children over the traditional school system.

Because they do not have a structured schedule while they live with their parents, youngsters tend to grow defiant. In a boarding school, however, students are given a controlled learning environment in which they may develop and prosper. They grow more autonomous and confident after spending time in school, which benefits them in the long term.

Myth: If they attended to boarding school, they would accomplish more in life.

Fact: No one can promise that your kid will do great things after graduating from ordinary school, private school, public school, or boarding school. Though many celebrities and renowned people have attended boarding schools, registering your kid solely on this fact does not guarantee the same for them.
Sending a kid to a school like this ensures that the youngster will develop a strong character, independence, and confidence.

Myth: Boarding school students tend to hang out with nasty people.
Fact: Many parents do not send their children to boarding school for concern that they would get into bad company without their continuous supervision. This is not true since, unlike ordinary school, boarding school mentors and administrators guarantee that pupils obey fundamental ethics.

Your youngster will be surrounded by like-minded classmates who will try to improve themselves under the supervision of the warden and instructors.

Myth: Boarding schools have the same resources as traditional schools.

That is not correct. Boarding schools, on the other hand, demand more tuition, but they give their kids with greater exposure, which implies more activities. Boarding schools offer skilled coaches who help students achieve in their chosen activity. Many schools provide archery, horseback riding, polo, and a variety of other activities that are not accessible in public schools.

Myth: Students must deal with their problems without the assistance of their parents.

Fact: Although students must live away from their parents, this does not imply that they will confront their challenges alone. Children at boarding schools are safe because they are supervised by a mentor or warden.

Wardens are equally accountable for meeting the emotional and intellectual needs of youngsters. They keep a tight eye on kids to ensure that they do not have any problems.

Myth: Parents of boarding school kids are unable to get engaged with the school or their children’s life.

Fact: This is completely false! Even if they live a long distance away from their children’s school, parents may still play an important part in their lives. Many parent organisations are founded specifically to inform parents about various school activities.

These committees are developed to get parents engaged in the formation of new activities and to build bonds with other parents whose children learn with their kid.

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